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Justin Tucker Reveals His Thoughts On New Kickoff Rules

(Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images)


NFL kickers aren’t necessarily highly touted for their athleticism or strength.

In fact, for the most part, punters and kickers are typically viewed as the weakest members of a football team, as they are not usually called upon for anything but kicking or punting.

However, that could change as soon as the 2024 season, as kickers are slated to be a part of kickoff coverage moving forward.

Some kickers like Justin Tucker of the Baltimore Ravens, seem more than up for this new challenge.

He recently spoke with the media about this change, as was shared by Jonas Shaffer on Twitter.

“Hell, yeah, I want to be out there,” the veteran kicker exclaimed.

Justin Tucker said that with kickers expected to be more involved in kickoff coverage this season, he’s spent some time bulking up. He’s up 3.8 pounds.

“Hell, yeah, I want to be out there.”

— Jonas Shaffer (@jonas_shaffer) June 6, 2024

Tucker seemingly wants to show his teammates what he’s made of, that he’s more than a kicker.

There have been a few highlight plays of punters and kickers making impressive tackles over the years, including an epic hit from Pat McAfee several years ago.

Fans are excited to see what the new kickoff rules mean, and if kickers like Tucker will actually put their bodies on the line in the middle of games.

Tucker has already gained some weight in the offseason, which could aid him in making tackles.

Kickoffs have changed a lot over the past decade, with a new rule tweak seeming to happen every few seasons.

What will this new setup mean for NFL games in the near future, and, more importantly, will NFL teams need to consider the athleticism and strength of new kickers they add to their roster?

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