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Analyst Predicts That Timberwolves Will Lose Star Player

Mandatory Credit: John McDonough/SI/Icon SMI


The Minnesota Timberwolves hadn’t had a player this good since Kevin Garnett.

And even though he’s just getting started and still has plenty of basketball ahead of him, Anthony Edwards has all the tools to be even better and bigger than Garnett.

Nonetheless, history hasn’t always been good to small market teams, and especially not with the Vikings.

That’s why sports analyst Craig Carton wanted to break the news to Timberwolves fans before anybody else.

In the latest edition of The Carton Show, he predicted that Edwards would eventually leave the Twin Cities just because that’s what all great players do.

"You're gonna lose Anthony Edwards."

— @craigcartonlive on the Minnesota Timberwolves

— The Carton Show (@TheCartonShow) May 6, 2024

Truth be told, it’s hard to argue with that argument, and history is on his side.

Then again, context also matters.

Garnett failed to win an NBA championship there partly because the league punished the organization and stripped them of multiple draft picks for their violations of their policies.

He never wanted to leave, and he almost led the team to the NBA Finals despite all that.

Also, Edwards doesn’t seem to be wired like today’s stars.

While he would definitely thrive and be an even bigger star in a bigger market, he doesn’t strike as the kind of player who would just want to move from team to team and join other stars to win; he wants to prove that he’s the best.

It wouldn’t be shocking to see him leave somewhere down the line, but hopefully, that won’t be the case, as it would be even better to watch him build something great for an ever-struggling organization.

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