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Today’s New York Times Wordle #988 Answer And Hints – March 3, 2024

Are you a Wordle enthusiast? If so, you are almost certainly common with the thrill of cracking the puzzle of the day. But occasionally, the challenge can be challenging, especially when you are on a profitable streak and the makes an attempt are dwindling. Never fear, we have obtained your back again!

Today, we’re breaking down the Wordle puzzle of the working day, giving you with all the letter hints, some standard term clues, and if you are in a hurry, the full reply as well. Rest certain, all the responses are concealed from see to prevent any accidental spoilers.

Letter Hints

A Wordle grid that claims ‘Hints’. To reveal a letter, simply expand the corresponding box.

  1. Initial Letter: The initially letter currently is ‘S’.
  2. Second Letter: The second letter these days is ‘T’.
  3. Third Letter: The 3rd letter now is ‘A’.
  4. Fourth Letter: The fourth letter today is ‘T’.
  5. Fifth Letter: The fifth letter today is ‘E’.

Term Hints

Would you like a clue or two? Below are some hints to information you:

  • The phrase consists of two vowels.
  • There is one duplicate letter.
  • The phrase can function as equally a noun and a verb.
  • Synonyms for this term involve ‘condition’ and ‘express’.

Today’s Wordle Respond to #988

Ready for the answer? Listed here it is:

The word currently is ‘State’.

Try to remember, the pleasure of Wordle lies in the journey of resolving the puzzle. So, use these hints sparingly and maintain savoring the match. Happy Wordling!

Mark Z

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