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Dwight Howard Has A Strong Belief About Bronny James’ Future

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The Los Angeles Lakers are in a tough spot entering the offseason.

LeBron James is most likely going to opt out of his deal, either to sign somewhere else as a free agent or to get more money for the next couple of years.

That means they should get his input on their next coach, not to mention the fact that they should make big moves to convince him to stay.

Nonetheless, there’s a small move that could end up having a huge ripple effect in the Kings’ future.

According to Dwight Howard, there’s simply no way they won’t take Bronny James in the NBA Draft.

Talking on The OGs Show, the former NBA champion claimed that James has already made it loud and clear that he wants to play alongside his firstborn, so Bronny is a lock to be a Laker (via NBA Retweet).

Dwight Howard on the Lakers, LeBron & Bronny:

“They’re getting Bronny next year, LeBron said listen I’m not signing till y’all get Bronny… he’s playing for the Lakers. Bron gonna play his 21st season with the Lakers and they gonna get the first round exit again.”


— NBA Retweet (@RTNBA) May 7, 2024

That makes sense.

However, Bronny’s NBA future is still kind of bleak.

He declared for the NBA Draft while maintaining his college eligibility, and the latest reports stated that his camp would favor player development over anything else, so there’s still a chance that he goes back to college in the transfer portal or chooses a different destination to work on his game.

James stated that he would consider all options about his future, teasing retirement again.

And while that seems unlikely at this point, especially if Bronny makes it to the league, it seems like the James family has some major decisions to make this summer.

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