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C.J. Stroud Calls Micah Parsons ‘Delusional’ In Debate About Best Division In NFL

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For years, the NFC East was considered to be one of the weakest divisions in the NFL.

The Philadelphia Eagles alone have brought them back to life, and the Dallas Cowboys have had some nice seasons as well.

However, it’s been a long while since the Washington Commanders were even a postseason candidate, and the New York Giants have struggled more often than not.

That’s why Houston Texans star CJ Stroud wasn’t having it when Micah Parsons claimed that the NFC East was the toughest division in football (via JPA Football).

Micah Parsons trying to debate with CJ Stroud about the NFC East being the best division in the NFL heading into last year

CJ Stroud calls him delusional 😂

— JPAFootball (@jasrifootball) April 27, 2024

Parsons stated that some people had the Cowboys ranked third or fourth before the start of last season, adding that the Giants were coming off winning a playoff game, and the Commanders were supposed to be a postseason team.

Stroud stated that none of those teams were better than the teams in the AFC North Division, adding that even his division, the AFC South, had better teams than them.

He doubled down on that statement by claiming that only a delusional person would consider the NFC East to be the toughest division, adding that Parsons was trying to make it all about the Cowboys as he usually does.

No disrespect to any team in the NFC East, but they’re just not as good as those in the AFC North.

All four AFC North teams could legitimately go on Super Bowl runs, and we’ve already seen what the NFC East is all about over and over.

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