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Today’s New York Times Strands #18 Answers And Hints – March 21, 2024

NYT Strands, the well-liked word puzzle, can at times go away gamers sensation a bit tangled. But panic not! If you’re finding today’s puzzle a bit of a problem, we’re listed here to support untangle the knots and preserve your successful streak alive.

Today’s Topic, Described

Every single Strands puzzle has a concept that gives a trace about the words and phrases you’re attempting to obtain. Today’s theme is ‘What’s the challenge?’. This topic refers to preferred month-to-month publications that you might find on newsstands.

Term Hints

If you are stuck on a particular term, right here are some hints to nudge you in the ideal direction:

  1. The very first word is a little something that by no means stops, still can be wasted.
  2. The second phrase could require tangled cables related to an digital machine.
  3. The 3rd term describes some thing that is preferred and stylish.
  4. The fourth word is a collective expression for men and women.
  5. The fifth term describes standout attributes or moments.
  6. The sixth term is the age you are just in advance of starting to be suitable to vote in the United States.
  7. The seventh term, and spangram, refers to printed publications that deal with a wide variety of matters.

Today’s Strands Solutions

If you are prepared to verify your responses, below they are:

  1. The first term is ‘time’.
  2. The 2nd phrase is ‘wired’.
  3. The 3rd term is ‘vogue’.
  4. The fourth term is ‘people’.
  5. The fifth word is ‘highlights’.
  6. The sixth term is ‘seventeen’.
  7. The seventh word, and spangram, is ‘magazines’.

Bear in mind, the entertaining of NYT Strands comes from the obstacle of figuring out the words and phrases on your possess. But if you’re definitely caught, there’s no shame in receiving a small assist. Content puzzling!

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