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Robert Griffin III Praises NBA Star For Missing Recent Playoff Game

(Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)


It is playoff time in the NBA, and being successful at this time of year requires total focus and dedication, as well as a refusal to make any excuses.

However, even for pro athletes, there are some things more important than the sport they play, and one of them is family, assuming they have a family of their own.

Minnesota Timberwolves center Rudy Gobert missed Game 2 of his team’s Western Conference semifinal series against the Denver Nuggets to be present for the birth of his child, and former NFL quarterback Robert Griffin III praised him for making that sacrifice.

Rudy Gobert missed a playoff game to be there for the birth of his child and that’s AWESOME. There’s nothing like being present for the birth of your child or being there with your woman pushing herself to the brink of death to bring new life into this world. Bravo Rudy!

— Robert Griffin III (@RGIII) May 8, 2024

Pro athletes are often stereotyped as selfish and immoral, but in reality, many of them are very family-oriented, and Gobert is a good example of that reality.

When the Timberwolves gave up what seemed like a king’s ransom for Gobert two summers ago, many criticized them, but it appears to be working.

They finished with the third seed in the Western Conference and the NBA’s highest defensive rating in the regular season, and it resulted in them being considered a rising power.

Even without Gobert, they trounced the Nuggets, 106-80, in Game 2, and they now lead the series two games to none.

Minnesota’s defense seems to have the defending world champs completely flustered, and as a result, they’re just two wins away from only their second trip to the Western Conference Finals.

If they keep up this level of play, Gobert and crew should have a real shot at claiming the Larry O’Brien Trophy several weeks from now.

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