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Donovan Mitchell Confirms His Status Ahead Of Critical Game 5

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)


There are only two first-round playoff series that are tied at two wins apiece right now, and one of them involves the Cleveland Cavaliers and Orlando Magic.

The Cavaliers are looking to avoid being eliminated in the first round of the postseason for the second year in a row, but if they are to win, they will need a lot more from Donovan Mitchell, who hasn’t been fully healthy lately.

The good news is that per Evan Dammarell, Mitchell says he’s 100 percent healthy and will be able to maintain his burst and speed.

#Cavs guard Donovan Mitchell reiterates he’s 100% physically and he’s found a way to manage any lingering pain on the court to still maintain his burst and speed.

— Evan Dammarell (@AmNotEvan) April 29, 2024

It has been a rough season for Mitchell, who has had knee issues over the last few months while also dealing with a nasal fracture that required surgery, and a groin ailment.

While he averaged 26.6 points a game in the regular season, his production fell after the All-Star break as he was in and out of the lineup.

He scored 30 points in Game 1 versus Orlando, but he has struggled with his shooting ever since, and he mustered just 13 and 18 points in the last two games, both of which were losses for the Cavs.

For the Cavs to win this series, Mitchell will have to be his usual prolific self in the playoffs.

He certainly has a history of turning things up in the postseason, as he has a career average of 27.2 points in 48 playoff contests.

But Cleveland also needs fellow starting guard Darius Garland to step things up even more than Mitchell, as he has contributed just 12.0 points on 41.9 percent shooting in this series.

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