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Video Shows Marvin Harrison Jr.’s Impressive Interview With Giants

(Photo by Gregory Shamus/Getty Images)


It takes a lot to be successful in the NFL.

Besides the obvious things, such as talent, skill, opportunity, and hard work, you also have to develop a strong bond and rapport with your teammates before you become the odd man out.

Notably, NFL decision-makers often take character into account when assessing prospects.

That’s why the New York Giants tried to set Marvin Harrison Jr. up during their pre-draft interview.

They showed him a clip that showed his quarterback, Kyle McCord, underthrowing him when he was wide-open for a touchdown and asked him what he would tell the quarterback back in the huddle after that miscue (via Ari Meirov).

Marvin Harrison Jr. was essentially set up to throw his QB (Kyle McCord) under the bus during his interview with the #Giants — but he didn't fall for the trap.

"I will never say anything to the QB. Just blame myself."

Well done for not falling for it.

— Ari Meirov (@MySportsUpdate) July 10, 2024

Harrison Jr., however, didn’t fall for the trap, stating that he never says anything to the quarterback and only blames himself.

He clearly learned a thing or two from his father.

Notably, Harrison Jr. won’t have to deal with an unproven and young quarterback making that kind of mistake in his first year in the league.

His chemistry with Kyler Murray could make or break his quarterback’s future with the organization, as all eyes will be on the former No. 1 pick next season.

Harrison Jr. is a generational talent, but it will take more than that for him to find success in this league.

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