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Tom Brady Gets Honest About His ‘Underdog Mentality’

(Photo by Elyse Jankowski/FilmMagic)


The New England Patriots never thought they would get the best player — or at least the best winner — in NFL history in the sixth round of the draft.

No one had high hopes for Tom Brady for most of his life, at least when it came to being a successful quarterback.

No one but himself.

In a recent interview, the legendary quarterback shared his thoughts about his self-belief and perennial underdog mentality (Via Savage Sports).

Underdog mentality forever.

— Savage (@SavageSports_) July 6, 2024

Brady talked about how he was a late bloomer and a backup in high school who couldn’t get on the field even when his team was being blown out.

Then, despite being recruited and going to Michigan, they never saw him as a potential professional or starter.

Brady argued that he had to show everybody just how much he believed in himself, which is something he always tells young players.

He states that other people can tell when players don’t believe in themselves, so they also start doubting whether they can get the job done.

Seven Super Bowl rings later, he might be right on point.

Brady’s career started with a perfect storm, as many other legendary careers.

Nonetheless, not many backup quarterbacks end up getting their starters’ job, especially if the starter is a franchise player making a lot of money.

Brady was never the most athletic, fastest, strongest, or even most talented quarterback in the game, but his work ethic and determination were second to none, and that’s what set him apart from the rest of the pack.

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