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Stats Show J.J. McCarthy’s Incredible Record In Career

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The Minnesota Vikings have a long history of struggles.

They haven’t been the most successful franchise in the league in terms of winning big games.

That’s why it only made sense that they went after a guy who was pretty used to winning.

As shown by The 33rd Team on Twitter, JJ McCarthy’s record as a starting quarterback is simply remarkable.

All J.J. McCarthy does is win ⚔

He has a 61-3 record as a starting QB dating back to HS

– 26-2 at Nazareth Academy
– 8-0 at IMG Academy
– 27-1 at Michigan

🎥: @Vikings

— The 33rd Team (@The33rdTeamFB) June 28, 2024

To this day, McCarthy is 61-3 as a starter, going 26-2 at Nazareth Academy, 8-0 at IMG Academy, and 27-1 at Michigan.

Notably, that résumé also includes a National Championship to his name.

Granted, he didn’t need to do a lot in Ann Arbor, which is why some scouts were worried about him.

However, every single time Jim Harbaugh needed him to step up, he delivered.

McCarthy was excellent on third down, particularly in third-and-long situations.

It might take him a while before he’s ready to showcase his talents in the pros, and chances are he’s going to sit for a while and let Sam Darnold run the show.

There’s no need to rush him into the mix, and it might be better for his development to let him soak in as much information as he can before taking the field.

Still, some things you just can’t measure.

Intangibles can have a huge impact on a player’s career, and it’s been more than evident that this young man is a winner, which is why he’s going to work tirelessly to make sure to keep that impressive record as positive as possible when he gets the nod with the pros.

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