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Stat Shows How Offseason Additions Will Help The Pistons

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The Detroit Pistons have plenty of young talent in their ranks.

Even so, more often than not, they went with a ‘best player available’ approach in the NBA Draft, and while that works out at times, fit is also important to win basketball games.

The Pistons have several non-shooters on the team, and their spacing was a bit of an issue, to put it nicely.

That’s why now that they have a new decision-maker putting the roster together, as well as a new coach in JB Bickerstaff, they’ve targeted shooters in the open market.

As pointed out by StatMuse on social media, they’ve already given their three-point shooting a massive boost by trading for Tim Hardaway Jr. and signing Malik Beasley.

Threes last season:

435 — Beasley and THJ combined
432 — Top 4 Pistons combined

Cade gets some spacing.

— StatMuse (@statmuse) July 6, 2024

Both of those players combined for 435 three-pointers last season, which was three more triples than the top-four Pistons combined.

Numbers-wise, Cade Cunningham had quite a good season, even having several 40-point outings.

Nonetheless, his efforts were futile more often than not, as the Pistons went on to have the worst record in the league.

Ausar Thompson looks like a special talent who could be one of the best defensive players in the league, but he’s not much of a shooter.

Adding Beasley next to Thompson and Cunningham in the starting lineup should do wonders for their subpar spacing.

And even if Hardaway Jr. struggled with his shot at times, he’s also a proven veteran who should be able to make a positive impact in this young locker room.

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