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Skip Bayless Says He Supports Malik Hooker’s Criticism Of Micah Parsons

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Undisputed host and professional instigator Skip Bayless loves to stir the pot, especially when his beloved Dallas Cowboys are the topic of conversation.

Recently, Cowboys safety Malik Hooker threw a slight jab at teammate Micah Parsons on Keyshawn Johnson’s podcast, saying publicly that he hopes Parsons’ podcasting doesn’t take priority over winning, and Bayless recently addressed the infighting going on within the Cowboys’ defense.

Bayless said on The Skip Bayless Show that he supports the criticism, saying “Good for Malik” and adding, “I just want to thank Malik Hooker for saying something I’ve been saying for the last two years on Undisputed, I needed somebody inside to validate it.”

.@RealSkipBayless supports Malik Hooker’s criticism of Micah Parsons’ podcast:

“Good for Malik.”

— The Skip Bayless Show (@SkipBaylessShow) July 5, 2024

Bayless said “I needed a defensive player to say what I’ve been saying” and noted how Parsons still hasn’t scratched the surface of his ability despite the gaudy numbers he has put up in his young career.

Parsons now wants to be the highest-paid defensive player in football, but Bayless doubts if he can ever be the best defensive player in football.

Hooker’s comments started a fire, but the media is running with it and it’s starting to get out of hand as Bayless talked about Parsons like he is some scrub who happens to have a podcast.

Parsons has 40.5 sacks and seven forced fumbles in three years and has missed just one game, which is one of the best starts any edge rusher has ever had to begin their career.

The criticism sounds like it stems from concern that Parsons isn’t going to go up another level and be the player he is capable of.

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