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Shaq Reveals His Thoughts On Bill Belichick’s New Girlfriend

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Bill Belichick might not be a part of an NFL team anymore, but he keeps winning.

The renowned coach has made the rounds around the spots industry over the past couple of weeks, but not for football-related reasons.

Belichick and his new girlfriend, Jordon Hudson, went public about their relationship, and as expected, people have had plenty to say about it.

The multi-time Super Bowl-winning coach is 72 years old and now living with a 23-year-old, and some don’t think that’s appropriate.

Needless to say, that’s not the case with Shaquille O’Neal.

In the latest edition of The Big Podcast, the legendary big man was asked about Belichick’s situation, to which he simply responded that he felt good for him.

More power to Bill Belichick 👏

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— The Big Podcast (@bigpodwithshaq) June 29, 2024

Shaq stated that Belichick might not have that many summers left, so he might as well make the most of his time by being happy while he still can.

Of course, this isn’t much of a surprise, as Shaq has been spotted dating 20-year-olds multiple times.

At the end of the day, as odd as it might seem to some, no one really has a say in this matter.

Yes, a 53-year-old gap is a big one, but she’s a grown and consenting adult, and so is he.

Anybody’s feelings or thoughts about this relationship aren’t relevant to the equation.

The fact of the matter is that neither Belichick nor Hudson asked anyone for their blessing or their thoughts.

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