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Rob Gronkowski Has An Honest Admission About Tom Brady’s Roast

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As superstar quarterback and New England Patriots legend Tom Brady began to settle into retirement during the NFL offseason, the seven-time Super Bowl champion chose to do something that surprised everyone, as he volunteered to be the focal point of a live roast on Netflix.

Although the roast was a massive success for all those involved, Brady took some vicious shots from his former teammates and some of the best comedians out there today, which made for some pure comedy as well as some cringeworthy moments.

Along with all the shots fired at Brady during the roast, one of the funniest parts of the roast had nothing to do with the future Hall of Famer, as former Patriots star Rob Gronkowski stole the show once he got to the podium.

Gronkowski had clearly had a few drinks before he got on the microphone, as did everyone else on the show, including host Kevin Hart, which led to hilarity.

On a recent episode of Games with Names with Julian Edelman, Gronkowski talked about being on the roast and how he was passed the point of no return once it was his turn to talk.

“First of all, I finished a bottle of tequila. So when I got up there, I was hammered dude. When I got going, I saw some opportunities for the jokes that got left off script, were ready to be fired,” Gronkowski said.

Gronk went full rogue at the Roast of Tom Brady 😂@NetflixIsAJoke @Edelman11 @RobGronkowski

— Games with Names (@gameswithnames) July 7, 2024

Despite being “hammered,” Gronkowski was hilarious during his time at the podium and made the best of a crazy situation in which he went off script.

With Brady’s roast being an enormous success, it will be interesting to see which big-name athlete will be next in line.

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