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Rob Gronkowski Comments On Bill Belichick’s Alleged Girlfriend

(Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for Netflix)


The New England Patriots dynasty is no longer after head coach Bill Belichick parted ways with the franchise after decades of being with the organization.

Belichick had a rough couple of seasons in final years with the Patriots, failing to make the playoffs and finishing with the worst regular-season records of his coaching career.

Despite the tumultuous end to his New England tenure, though, Belichick should be revered by football fans everywhere for his contributions to the game.

Winning six Super Bowl titles is nothing to scoff at and Belichick deserves to be in the conversation for greatest NFL head coach of all time.

Although Belichick will be watching the 2024 NFL season at home, he should be a hot commodity in next year’s hiring cycle.

Until then, some of his former players like Rob Gronkowski are poking fun at his personal life, via Savage Sports on Twitter.

“24, just the age of girls Tom and Bill are talking to now, 24 year olds,” Gronkowski said about his former coach and quarterback.

Gronk tried to tell you Belichick was dating a 24 year old 😂

“24, just the age of girls Tom & Bill are talking to now, 24 year olds”

— Savage (@SavageSports_) June 15, 2024

Belichick has been rumored to be dating ex-cheerleader Jordon Hudson, who is 24 years old.

The two have reportedly known each other since 2021 after they met on a flight going to Florida and the two have now gone public with their relationship.

The 48-year gap between Belichick and Hudson is shocking at first glance, though it’s no one’s business to say who someone should and shouldn’t date.

This sort of phenomenon tends to happen with older male individuals who date much younger than their age.

However, by all accounts, Belichick and Hudson seem happy together and hopefully it stays that way.

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