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Peyton Manning Reveals His Thoughts On Bill Belichick Joining Manningcast

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After 24 years, Bill Belichick parted ways with the New England Patriots following the 2023 season.

It was a given that the revered coach would then be scooped up within days by NFL teams looking for a new coach.

Instead, he had two interviews with the Atlanta Falcons that went nowhere and he remained unemployed.

At long last, Belichick’s new gig was recently announced when ESPN added him to the popular “Monday Night Football with Peyton and Eli” show that airs during Monday Night Football.

"Bill Belichick is gonna be a permanent guest on every Manningcast..

He's brilliant and he's gonna take people behind the ropes on both sides of the ball"

Peyton Manning #PMSLive

— Pat McAfee (@PatMcAfeeShow) May 10, 2024

The Manning brothers have been regulars on the network since 2021 and Peyton recently shared on the Pat McAfee Show how Belichick will contribute to the telecast.

“Bill is gonna be a permanent guest on every Manningcast show, early in the game, probably in the first quarter, to take people behind the ropes as to what this defense has to do or what the quarterback’s challenges are,” said Manning.

Manning added that he wanted Belichick on the show to pick his brain about different defensive schemes and what he sees on the field.

As NFL fans know, Belichick cut his teeth on the defensive side of the ball when he began as an NFL assistant.

He won two Super Bowls as the defensive coordinator with the New York Giants during the Bill Parcells era.

In fact, his game plan to stop the high-powered Buffalo Bills attack in Super XXV is now in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

Manning believes that the famously taciturn coach will fascinate viewers, especially after Belichick’s media work during the recent draft.

“You guys saw how witty he is…he’s quick-witted, he’s funny, he’s just brilliant when it comes to defense and offense,” said Manning.

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