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Paul George Reveals Kawhi Leonard’s Reaction To Him Leaving The Clippers

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After five seasons together, Paul George and Kawhi Leonard are no longer teammates.

The departure of George from the Los Angeles Clippers meant the end of George and Leonard’s time together.

According to a new interview on his podcast, per ClutchPoints, it was very hard for George to say goodbye to his friend.

“I owed Kawhi that conversation,” George said, adding, “He understood, he like, ‘Go get your bag. I can’t even bad mad at you.’”

“It was tough to leave him,” George said, revealing that he and Leonard have grown quite close and will remain important to one another even though they now play for different teams.

"I owed Kawhi [Leonard] that conversation… He understood, he like, 'Go get your bag. I can't even be mad at you.' … It was tough to leave him."

Paul George on letting Kawhi know he was leaving the Clippers for the Sixers 💯

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— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints) July 8, 2024

When George and Leonard came to the Clippers back in 2019-20, it was seen as the start of an exciting new chapter for the team.

Fans envisioned multiple runs to the Finals and several championships.

In the end, it didn’t work out as expected.

There were many problems in Los Angeles, from a very tough conference to bad luck to some nasty injuries that repeatedly sidelined George and Leonard.

They simply didn’t deliver on the hopes and dreams of fans.

On top of that, George grew increasingly unhappy with how he was treated by the front office.

He asked for a new contract from them recently and they didn’t agree to his terms.

Therefore, it was time for him to say goodbye and see what he could do with the Philadelphia 76ers.

George and Leonard’s success in Los Angeles never truly materialized but they will remain near and dear to each other in the years ahead.

According to this interview with George, their friendship was about more than the game.



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