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Patrick Mahomes, Lamar Jackson Share Unbelievable Stat

(Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)


For years, NFL fans have debated whether the game of football has gotten better or worse over the past decade or so.

Some argue that the players are much more talented nowadays, thus making the game better.

Others state that the rules favor offense way too much now, which is why the stats are misleading and make it seem as if they were better players.

Whatever the case, numbers don’t lie, and two modern-day quarterbacks have one of the most impressive stats among their colleagues.

According to NFL Research (via MLFootball), Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are the only two quarterbacks in NFL history to throw 125+ touchdown passes and record less than 50 interceptions in their first six years in the league.

WOW: Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson are the only two QBs ever to throw 125+ TD passes and less than 50 INTs through their first six seasons.

(Via NFL Research)

— MLFootball (@_MLFootball) June 29, 2024

Since he became a starter, Mahomes has established himself as the best player — or at least the best quarterback — in the game.

He has put together a Hall of Famer kind of résumé and is just getting started, and some believe he’s the only player with a legitimate chance to take down Tom Brady as the greatest player in the history of football.

As for Jackson, he’s already a two-time MVP, and even though some urged him to change positions and play as a running back, he’s proven to be a more-than-reliable passer as well, and Todd Monken made great strides to make him feel more comfortable in the pocket.

The league is in great hands, and these two will battle with a plethora of talented signal-callers for years to come.

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