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Lou Williams Says 2 Coaching Candidates Should Avoid Lakers Job

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The hunt for a new head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers continues and the team is narrowing things down to a few potential replacements for Darvin Ham.

Two of them are JJ Redick and Sam Cassell.

This job would be a major deal for both men but Lou Williams doesn’t think they should take it.

Speaking on “Run It Back,” Williams said both Redick and Cassell should avoid the job because of the pressure and criticism it’ll instantly bring.

Taking on the Lakers as a first-time head coach brings a ton of baggage and Williams says both men would be smart to “steer clear” of that.

.@ChandlerParsons: "Do you like the fit with JJ [Redick] and LA?" @TeamLou23: "No, I don't. I think he and Sam Cassell should steer clear of this job."


— Run It Back (@RunItBackFDTV) May 21, 2024

There is no doubt that Redick and Cassell would have the spotlight shined on them in some intense ways if they took this job.

The Lakers are always a win-now team and the front office wants them to rebound in a huge way in the new season.

They have championship aspirations and they want a coach who can lead them all the way to another title as soon as possible.

That brings a lot of pressure, especially for someone who has never coached an NBA team before.

Because they are such a popular franchise, every win and loss is carefully watched and criticized.

Redick and Cassell would be the subject of many headlines and every time the team messed up, they would receive a ton of blame.

Of course, they would also get a lot of praise if they were able to turn this team around and achieve great things in 2024–25.

But would all the criticism and pressure be worth it?

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