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Lonzo Ball Gets Honest About Being Traded By Lakers

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)


A few years ago, the Ball family was the talk of the NBA.

Not only was the family led by a boisterous, outspoken father, but they had a few sons who had massive potential to succeed in the league.

LaMelo and Lonzo were viewed as the best two players in the family, and they are now both in the league.

LaMelo has found success with the Charlotte Hornets, but Lonzo hasn’t necessarily found his footing.

He was originally drafted second overall by the Los Angeles Lakers but was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans after two seasons.

This could have made him upset, seeing as the Lakers used the No. 2 overall pick on him, but he doesn’t seem to harbor any ill will toward the team anymore.

He recently appeared on “The WAE Show,” as shared by NBA Central, where he talked about what it was like to get traded to the Pelicans.

“I would have traded myself for Anthony Davis,” Lonzo said.

Lonzo Ball didn't feel any particular way after the Lakers traded him

“I would have traded myself for Anthony Davis.” 😅

(🎥 @TheWAEShow )

— NBACentral (@TheDunkCentral) July 9, 2024

Lonzo understood that he didn’t necessarily play his best brand of basketball with the Lakers, and because they got Davis as part of the deal, he was more than okay with getting dealt.

While he entered the league with a lot of hope and expectation, Lonzo’s injuries have limited his potential to this point.

He is hoping to make a return to the Chicago Bulls in the 2024-2025 season, but there is still no timeline for him to get back on the court.

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