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LeBron James Admits His Current Contract Could Be His Last

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Lakers made it a mission to keep LeBron James there until the very end of his career.

Some believe that wasn’t the best move because of all the leverage and overwhelming influence they gave him in the process, while others believe it only made sense.

Regardless of where someone stands, one thing’s for sure: LeBron’s career is nearing its end.

James has been in the league for more than two decades, and even if he can still put up video game-like numbers, he’s just not getting any younger.

That’s why when asked if the two-year deal he recently signed to stay in Los Angeles could be his last, the soon-to-be 40-year-old admitted that it could be via NBA Fan).

“It could be…”

— LeBron James on this being his potential last contract of his career

🎗NBA•Fan🎗 (@Klutch_23) July 8, 2024

This isn’t particularly a surprise, especially if you consider the fact that James literally teased retirement after being swept by the Denver Nuggets two seasons ago.

James has already accomplished almost every single thing a basketball player could accomplish, and with Defensive Player of the Year and Sixth Man of the Year not being likely, he just doesn’t have anything else to prove at this point.

He’s been there and done that and will even get the unique opportunity to play with his son, so the competitive fire and desire to put the hard work in every single day of the week wear off at some point; it’s just human nature.

At least he’ll have a chance to go out on his own terms and walk away from the game when he actually chooses to do so.

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