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Joy Taylor Is Not Buying The Hype About 1 AFC Contender

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As was the case last offseason, some have high hopes for the New York Jets, who have an aging albeit great quarterback and a strong roster around him on paper.

However, a lot can go wrong for the Jets, and it starts with Aaron Rodgers, their 40-year-old signal-caller who is coming off a torn Achilles, an injury that often ends the careers of pro athletes.

Joy Taylor said on FS1’s “Speak” that she’s not buying the hype that some have created for the Jets.

"What have the Jets done as a whole to make me believe a 41-year-old QB who's played 4 downs with this team is gonna take them to New Orleans?"@JoyTaylorTalks doesn't take the Jets seriously:

— Speak (@SpeakOnFS1) May 2, 2024

New York has made some nice additions this offseason, including left tackle Tyron Smith and wide receiver Mike Williams.

In particular, their offensive line was a big concern, especially since one cannot expect Rodgers to be as mobile as he once was.

However, as Taylor pointed out, during Rodgers’ last full season, his production significantly declined, and it is therefore hard to imagine him putting up big numbers this fall and winter.

He also hasn’t built any real chemistry with his offense yet, since he suffered his Achilles injury on the Jets’ first offensive series of last season.

However, Taylor did admit that there is a chance things do work out well for the Jets and that they do become a real power in the AFC.

But another problem they will have to deal with is the fact that the rest of the conference has improved, and they may be, at best, the third or fourth-best team in the AFC even if they perform to the best of their ability.

Jets fans have been tortured for many decades, especially since the team hasn’t made the playoffs since 2010, and its karma will need to drastically improve for those fans to have any tangible hope.

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