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Josh Jacobs Admits He Has A Problem With 1 NFL Penalty

(Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images)


The Green Bay Packers made a major addition to their backfield this offseason when they signed Josh Jacobs to a four-year, $48 million deal.

Jacobs had been with the Las Vegas Raiders, but after the two sides couldn’t agree on an extension last summer it was clear from that point on that he would sign with another team once he was free to do so.

Now, Jacobs joins an up-and-coming Packers team that made it to the NFC Divisional round of the 2024 playoffs.

With Jordan Love as his quarterback, Jacobs should have more success on the field as defenses will need to be careful about Green Bay’s passing game.

However, running backs are starting to run into issues with penalties for lowering their helmets, something that Jacobs is familiar with.

In fact, Jacobs aired out some of his grievances about the penalty, via “Green Light with Chris Long.”

“What do you want me to do? Literally,” Jacobs said.

"What do you want me to do? Literally."

– Josh Jacobs on RBs getting fined for lowering their heads before contact@iAM_JoshJacobs | @JOEL9ONE

— Green Light with Chris Long (@greenlight) June 15, 2024

Jacobs was fined multiple times during the 2023 season for lowering his helmet and initiating contact with a defender.

The NFL has tried to clean up plays like this on the field, but to Jacobs’ point there isn’t much he can do if he’s trying to run through a defender.

In the video clip, Jacobs reveals that he was told that he needed to keep his head out of such hits and he’s starting to learn how to adjust.

It’s tough to avoid that sort of contact in real-time, though it sounds like Jacobs is finding ways to skirt the rules.

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