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Joel Embiid Reveals His Thoughts About New York Fans

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The Philadelphia 76ers and New York Knicks are starring in one of the most electrifying and exciting series in the NBA playoffs.

These two fan bases have never liked each other.

The proximity, all the trash-talking, and the physicality have made it this way, and the way these teams have played — and particularly Joel Embiid — has turned both arenas into a nightmare for the visitors.

Knicks fans have been ruthless to the Cameroonian big man, insulting him left and right even when he doesn’t have the basketball.

Even so, the former No. 3 pick is completely unfazed by that.

Following his team’s overtime win in Game 5, Embiid claimed that he absolutely loved New York (via Michael Scotto).

Joel Embiid on being a Knicks villain: “It’s not hostile. I love New York. New York is my favorite city in the world. I have a place here for the past five years. I just love New York. If I’ve got to be the punching bag and you hear a lot of ‘F Embiid,’ that’s ok. I love it.”

— Michael Scotto (@MikeAScotto) May 1, 2024

He admitted that New York City was his favorite city in the world, revealing that he’s actually had a place there for the past five years.

He also thinks that he doesn’t feel the crowd is hostile whatsoever, adding that he doesn’t mind being the villain or the punching bag.

That’s one nice way to take it.

Embiid has a strong character and personality, and he embraces that villain persona.

He knows how to push people’s buttons, and it seems like he just feeds off that kind of hatred.

Embiid has even gotten into it with his own fans, and we all know how harsh things can get with those crowds in Philadelphia.

At the end of the day, it’s just basketball, and while Knicks fans might not like him at all, they will most definitely not tell that to his face if they see him walking down Times Square.

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