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JJ Redick Warns About Comparing Young Players To Other Stars

(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)


For years, NBA scouts and fans have compared young players to others.

There are obvious similarities between some players, and most of them study other players to acquire something from their repertoire and make it their own.

Nonetheless, there’s a fine line between incorporating aspects from other players and trying to be the said player.

That’s why JJ Redick discussed that situation with Coach Jamahl Mosley (via The Old Man & The Three).

Redick said that players need to be wary not to imitate a star or try to become them, while the Orlando Magic coach explained that it was all about incorporating aspects of it.

Magic head coach Jamahl Mosley and @jj_redick discuss the danger of comparing young players who are developing their game.

Watch the full episode:

— TheOldMan&TheThree (@OldManAndThree) May 11, 2024

That’s one of the keys to developing a young team, and that’s one of the reasons why Coach Mosley has found success with his project.

Paolo Banchero has drawn comparisons to guys like Carmelo Anthony, but he’s coming into a player of his own, as he should be.

That desire to find ‘the next LeBron’ or whatnot has often led to some unrealistic expectations, and chances are we’ll never get to watch the next version of a player who’s already been to the league and played.

All youngsters must study those who came before them, and the fundamentals are also a big part of becoming a star.

Giannis Antetokounmpo has drawn plenty of criticism for not developing his game and having the same skills he had when he entered the league, and while he’s still a star of the game, that seems like a valid criticism.

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