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Jaylen Brown Loses Championship Ring At Parade

(Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images)


Jaylen Brown has won his first NBA championship and NBA Finals MVP, but he may have lost something very valuable.

The Georgia native had a ring fitted for his pinky to celebrate after winning a championship

Unfortunately, the ring, which read ‘Juice,’ was lost during their title parade.

Cameron Tabatabaie of Celtics Wire by USA Today took to Twitter to share some stories of Brown urging people to give the ring back, adding that he’d offer a reward for whoever shows up with it.

Jaylen Brown needs your help!

RT for awareness@FCHWPO

— Cameron Tabatabaie (@CTabatabaie) June 23, 2024

Fortunately for Brown, this isn’t his actual championship ring — he’ll get that next season.

Still, it’s a shame to see him lose such a valuable item, although those things happen during parades almost every year.

Brown is walking on the clouds right now, and he did an outstanding job of shutting down the critics.

Both he and the Celtics drew plenty of mockery and criticism when they made him the highest-paid player in NBA history.

But instead of engaging in back and forth on social media or calling people out on television, he let his game do all the talking.

Brown wound up running away with both the Eastern Conference Finals and NBA Finals MVP awards, so he’s pretty much paid back that big contract already.

Now, it’s time for the community and Celtics fans to come together and give back to someone who’s given them the ultimate joy, and hopefully, he’ll be able to get his ring back.

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