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Iman Shumpert Reveals Wild Childhood Story About Kyrie Irving

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Much has been made of Kyrie Irving’s amazing ability to close games.

He is considered one of the greatest clutch players of all time and that has been evident again and again, especially a few times this season and in the playoffs.

Where did he get these skills?

Were they natural or learned?

Speaking via “All the Smoke Productions,” Iman Shumpert revealed where Irving was able to learn his ways of closing games and making incredible baskets.

Apparently, when he was a kid, Irving played on a beaten-up basketball rim that lacked a backboard.

That required a level of accuracy and finesse that has stuck with him ever since.

This is the secret to Kyrie Irving’s finishing abilities.

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— All the Smoke Productions (@allthesmokeprod) May 27, 2024

This story really does explain a lot about Irving and his ability to make amazing shots in the closing seconds of the game.

He often has pinpoint, laser-focused precision, even against multiple opponents trying to get in his way.

There have been so many times when he has either laid up or shot the ball as the buzzer sounded, finding the net with ease against all odds.

His beginnings on a humble basketball court have led to the sort of player that he is now.

The Mavericks have greatly benefitted from Irving this season, especially during the postseason.

He had a few on-and-off nights but he has looked sensational lately.

Between him and Luka Doncic, the Mavericks are now one of the most feared teams in the entire league and are just a single win away from going to the NBA Finals.

Irving has been playing basketball all his life and has impressed fans many times with his skills and his shooting abilities.

This story from Shumpert shows where those skills came from.

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