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Howie Long Reveals His Thoughts On Tom Brady’s Broadcasting Career

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Tom Brady might no longer be throwing touchdowns in the NFL, but he’s going to stay close to the game.

His playing days are over, but he’s about to begin a new endeavor in his career by becoming a broadcaster and analyst.

Some people have expressed their concerns about whether he’s going to do a good job or if he’s going to let his own views and experience get in the way of his objectiveness.

Nonetheless, Howie Long isn’t worried by that at all.

In a recent appearance on Chris Long’s Green Light podcast, the former player-turned-analyst stated that Brady’s competitive drive and insane work ethic will make him give his all in the broadcast booth.

Howie Long speaks on Tom Brady's future in the booth

— Green Light with Chris Long (@greenlight) July 6, 2024

And while the game — not his presence — is what will continue to get people tuning in to watch games, getting to hear his insight on situational football and certain situations will obviously be an added bonus for those watching at home.

Brady surely knows a thing or two about being out there in the trenches, and his ability to read opposing defenses in real time should do wonders for him as an analyst as well.

More often than not, and with a few exceptions, former players transitioning into media turn out to be not only successful but also quite enjoyable.

Hopefully, the winningest quarterback in the history of the game will thrive off the field as much as he thrived on it, as everybody wins when the broadcast features well-thought and interesting content.

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