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Former Raiders Lineman Said He’s Interested In Being A Coach

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Former players sometimes make great coaches, and the Las Vegas Raiders, in their earlier incarnations in Oakland and Los Angeles, had a lineman who went on to lead the franchise.

Art Shell quickly comes to mind, and John Madden had NFL playing aspirations before a knee injury prematurely ended his chances.

Now there’s Richie Incognito, who enjoyed a 14-year NFL career that included stops in Buffalo, Miami and St. Louis before ending his playing days with the Raiders in 2019 and 2020.

Incognito told The Rush Podcast that he is interested in becoming a football coach in the future.

Richie Incognito, future Raiders OL coach? 👀🏴‍☠️


— The Rush Podcast (@TheRushWithMaxx) July 2, 2024

The former lineman explained, “We’ll see. You know, I’m definitely open to the possibility, you know, I love ball, I love being around the guys.”

Incognito said he’s entering his third season out of the game and would love to “come back and coach for the Raiders.”

The retired lineman was a four-time Pro Bowler and was widely respected for his toughness in the trenches.

Unfortunately for his possible coaching aspirations, his name is forever linked with a 2013 harassment scandal that tied him to allegations that originated from former Miami Dolphins teammate Jonathan Martin.

There were also incriminating reports of offensive language being used against Martin and threats against his family.

These led to Incognito being suspended by the Dolphins, and the original four-week duration was extended to last the rest of the season.

Incognito then sat out the 2014 season before successfully returning to playing in the NFL.

There is no word if his interest in coaching for the Raiders is reciprocated.


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