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Former Player Names The Steal Of The NBA Draft

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The NBA draft had a few surprises this year with some players climbing higher and falling lower than expected during the two-night event.

As with every other year, many people are asking who the biggest steal of the draft was.

According to former player Theo Pinson, per Tidal League and ClutchPoints, Dalton Knecht of the Los Angeles Lakers claimed the title of biggest steal of the draft.

Pinson said he would have secured Knecht as the first pick in the draft and said the former Tennessee player is “a dog” who “can play and he’s got bounce.”

“The steal of the draft? [Dalton] Knecht… I would’ve taken him first pick… He’s a dog, bro. He can play and he’s got bounce.”

Theo Pinson says Knecht is the best player from the 2024 Draft 👀

(via "To the Baha", @TidalLeague)

— ClutchPoints (@ClutchPoints) July 5, 2024

Prior to the draft, some analysts predicted that Knecht would be one of the first selections.

Instead, he sank down to the No. 17 pick and the Lakers jumped at the chance to sign him.

Knecht showed a ton of talent and promise during his time in college, which is why it was so surprising that all teams ahead of the Lakers passed on him.

It’s not entirely clear why that happened but some people have proposed that Knecht’s age may have been a factor.

He is still a young man at only 23 years old but many teams wanted someone who was younger than that.

The Lakers have had a rough offseason so far.

Their pursuit of Dan Hurley ended in disaster, they received criticism for their hiring of first-time head coach JJ Redick, and they haven’t added any free agents yet.

But their selection of Knecht has been universally praised and there are plenty of people who feel he could be a huge benefit for the team in 2024-25 and beyond.


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