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Former Player Believes 1 NFL Team Will Regret Drafting QB

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While some are excited for the addition of first-round quarterback Drake Maye in New England, there are those that have differing opinions.

One of those differing opinions comes from former Super Bowl winner and NFL receiver Plaxico Burress.

Burress had this to say recently on The Carton Show about Maye possibly not being the right guy for the Pats.

“He may not be as good as we thought he was coming out…This guy only played 26 games in college…He has a whole lot to work on,” Burress stated.

.@plaxicoburress thinks the Patriots regret drafting Drake Maye:

— The Carton Show (@TheCartonShow) May 13, 2024

The former 14-year veteran referenced Maye’s career in the ACC as a reason for him not being the right guy to lead New England.

He might be a little off with his analysis.

The 2022 ACC Player of the Year had a very good career, even though he only started two years while in Chapel Hill.

Across both 2022 and 2023, Maye recorded 78 total touchdowns and 16 interceptions for the Tar Heels.

He might not have played five years in college such as former Oregon quarterback and current Broncos signal-caller Bo Nix, but he certainly has plenty of experience.

His completion percentage hit close to 65%, and he threw for almost 8,000 yards over his final two years playing for head coach Mack Brown.

Now in New England, fans and analysts alike should temper expectations.

The Patriots are a rebuilding team, and that means it could be rough sledding for the first-year quarterback.

If there is a fear that Maye could struggle, head coach Jerod Mayo could start veteran Jacoby Brissett to give the rookie some time to get acclimated.

But to use his play in the ACC as a reason to doubt him probably isn’t the wisest of calls.

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