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Former NBA Player Says He Spends 10k A Month On Uber Eats

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NBA players have been able to build a second career for themselves by entering the YouTube and podcasting spaces.

Current players like Paul George and Draymond Green have successful podcasts that they release routinely, while former players like Matt Barnes and JJ Redick also have cemented themselves as great content creators.

One name currently doing well for themselves is Gilbert Arenas, who has his own show “Gil’s Arena” as well as frequently appears on shows like “Nightcap” with Shannon Sharpe and Chad Johnson.

Arenas has been known to stir up some controversies with some of his takes and comments, though what makes him so entertaining is how relatable he can be sometimes.

In a recent appearance on “Nightcap,” Arenas revealed how much he spends on food delivery services like Uber Eats.

“I can’t have a chef because I think they cost too much, but then when I look at my Uber Eats bill it’s $10,000 a month,” Arenas revealed.

Gil spending how much on Uber Eats a month??? @ShannonSharpe @GilsArenaShow @ochocinco @ShayShayMedia_

— Nightcap (@NightcapShow_) May 5, 2024

In the video, Sharpe talks about how much he eats and what his private chef prepares for him, while Arenas says he opts for the Uber Eats route because he thinks he saves money.

However, Sharpe quickly retorts that the former NBA shooting guard would be better served hiring a chef if he’s going to spend that much on Uber Eats.

It’s a funny admission from Arenas who clearly has no shame in how much he spends on takeout, though there are surely a lot of people out there who can sympathize with his reasoning.

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