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Former Lakers Player Reacts To Latest JJ Redick Report

(Photo by Jamie Schwaberow/Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Lakers are continuing their search for a new head coach and it seems that everyone has an opinion about who they should hire.

Speaking to the crew on “Run It Back,” former Lakers star Larry Nance Jr. offered his two cents and cast some doubt on the idea of them hiring JJ Redick.

“I think a first-time head coach is not the answer,” Nance said, explaining that the Los Angeles market and fanbase are very tough and every little misstep would be heavily criticized.

“I think a first time head coach is not the answer” 👀@Larrydn22 on the Lakers head coach search

— Run It Back (@RunItBackFDTV) June 13, 2024

Redick would, of course, be a first-time head coach, as he has never been on a coaching staff in the NBA.

He has a great basketball mind and a close relationship with LeBron James, but is that really enough to earn such a prestigious job?

The problem with new head coaches is that it takes time for them to find their footing and really achieve greatness.

NBA history suggests that if Redick were leading the Lakers, it would probably be at least a couple of seasons before they’d be truly terrific again.

The Lakers don’t have that much time with James being 39 years old and getting closer and closer to retirement.

These are valid concerns but recent reports state that the Lakers aren’t that worried about it because Redick is one of the frontrunners to land the job.

Their options are growing limited, especially after missing out on Dan Hurley, so the Lakers are going to try to make the best pick from the group of candidates they have now.

Nance isn’t sure that a first-time coach would get the job done but perhaps Redick could prove him wrong.

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