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Fans Are Concerned About Sauce Gardner After Golfing During Storm

(Photo by Sarah Stier/Getty Images)


After a forgettable 2023 NFL season, the New York Jets are hoping to bounce back with a vengeance heading into the 2024 campaign, as they’ll have superstar quarterback Aaron Rodgers back healthy and have made some upgrades to the roster, which could turn them into a legitimate title contender.

However, the team might not be the dominant defense everyone expects them to be without elite cornerback Sauce Gardner on the field for the Jets, as he’s arguably in the conversation as the best corner in the NFL.

With the Jets set to get their 2024 NFL season underway on September 9 on the road against the defending NFC champion San Francisco 49ers, New York will want all their players, especially their star players, healthy and not doing anything to become a distraction off the field.

Well, it seems as though Gardner didn’t get the memo, as he was seen on the golf course without a shirt in a full-on storm with the sound of thunder all around him.

Gardner, unwisely, took to Twitter to show the video of him golfing in a situation like this.

If the rain doesn't stop football games, why would I let it stop my round of golf? WE DRIVE THE GREEEEN!!! 🏌🏾🫡

— SAUCE GARDNER (@iamSauceGardner) June 30, 2024

Here are some fan reactions to seeing Gardner golfing in a storm:

Bro that’s lightning… it’s not worth it 😂😂😂

— Harristotle (@Its_Harristotle) June 30, 2024

Lightning is nothing to mess around with Sauce!

— Lou Stagner (Golf Stat Pro) (@LouStagner) June 30, 2024

Boy you better not get struck by lightning!! Who let you do this?!😅

— xDMP (@Dmp_tek) June 30, 2024

Please don’t get fried bro

— DrJSpine&Sports (@BasebalRomantic) June 30, 2024

Clearly, Gardner has never watched Caddyshack, as he’s just asking to be struck by lightning, which is a long shot but always a possibility.

With the Jets being a magnet for negative press, especially during the NFL offseason, the New York media will likely have a field day with this, as it seems like something a young and inexperienced star would do without thinking about the consequences.

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