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Donovan Mitchell Appears To Be Enjoying His Offseason In Latest Video

(Photo by Jason Miller/Getty Images)


All things considered, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ season went pretty well.

They missed their four best players at some point in the season, yet they still managed to get the No. 4 seed and win a playoff series.

On paper, this team shouldn’t be that far from actual contention, and while they might need another star on their roster, the one they currently have seems to be having a good time right now.

Donovan Mitchell took to Instagram to share a clip of his vacation, and he’s enjoying life on a boat in Italy (via The Cavs Jack).

#Cavs Donovan Mitchell is enjoying his vacation#LetEmKnow

— jack (@TheCavsJack) June 14, 2024

Given how hard he’s worked to become the star he is, it only makes sense that he gets some time to rest and just lay back.

Mitchell has plenty of reasons to celebrate and be happy right now.

Most reports state that he’s on the verge of signing a significant contract extension to stay with the Cavs for years to come.

This has been a bit of a surprising turn of events.

For years, there was speculation that Mitchell would eventually leave the team.

Donovan Mitchell is one of the best playoff performers in the game, and keeping him on board should be their No. 1 priority.

Now, whether he’s better off paired with Darius Garland or with someone else, that’s a whole different story.

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