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DJ Moore Is Seeing 1 Big Difference In Working With Caleb Williams

(Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images)


In his six-year career, DJ Moore has caught passes from the likes of Cam Newton, Kyle Allen, Teddy Bridgewater, Sam Darnold, Justin Fields, and Tyson Bagent.

That list doesn’t exactly scream stability and consistency.

But, perhaps he finally has that in new franchise quarterback Caleb Williams.

The Bears selected the former Heisman Trophy winner with the No. 1 overall pick, and Moore is already seeing the skills of Williams on full display.

“The anticipation is there…He’s expecting us to be open at a certain time…That’s going to be one of the things that’s better…It’s just gonna take some time,” Moore said, via Ben Devine.

Here’s Chicago #Bears WR DJ Moore on his workouts with rookie QB Caleb Williams already. “The anticipation is there… That’s one of the things that’s better.”

— Ben Devine (@Chicago_NFL) April 30, 2024

Again, Moore is very use to playing and producing with growing quarterbacks.

That is exactly what Williams will be in his first year with the Bears, regardless of what he did in college, and he did some pretty spectacular stuff while at Oklahoma and USC.

There is a reason that the Bears have only had one 10-win season in the last 11 years.

Well, there is more than one reason.

But, quarterback play has been the biggest issue for the franchise over its history.

When Jim McMahon and Sid Luckman are the most famous quarterback names in history, that is clear proof that the franchise itself has struggled with stability and consistency.

Look for Williams and the Bears’ wide receivers to build a starting foundation this season.

It might not be pretty, but it will show what can be.

That foundation should lead to great rewards as time moves on.

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