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CJ McCollum Makes A Bold Prediction About Dalton Knecht

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Night one of the NBA draft was full of many exciting moments and surprises.

One of the biggest surprises came when the Los Angeles Lakers acquired Dalton Knecht with their No. 17 pick.

This was something that few people saw coming but the praise for the choice is unanimous.

On Thursday’s “First Take,” CJ McCollum said that Knecht will “have the biggest impact in year one” with the Lakers and envisions him perfectly slipping into the plans that head coach JJ Redick is making.

.@CJMcCollum says Dalton Knecht will "have the biggest impact in year one" with the Lakers 👀

— First Take (@FirstTake) June 27, 2024

Speaking of Redick, McCollum believes he is the perfect coach to guide Knecht into the NBA.

They are similar players in many ways and Redick could teach him the very tips and tricks that made him a long-time star in the league.

McCollum said that Knecht plays with confidence and skill and he could be a true offensive threat.

Best of all, he is a bit older and more mature than many other incoming rookies, so he could get to work quickly.

Knecht’s age was seen as a mark against him and that is partly why other teams passed on him.

He was seen as a top ten pick but ended up falling to the Lakers at No. 17, which was a major surprise.

Because of that, many people think the Lakers just got the biggest steal of night one and they can see Knecht giving the team a huge boost in 2024-25.

Like every other year, this draft class is populated by many young players who could have a massive influence on the league in the years away.

But which one will show the most impact right away?

McCollum believes that might be Knecht.

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