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Cam Newton Reveals Which NFL Player Talked The Most Trash To Him

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The National Football League is full of competitors, and as such, sometimes things can get a little chirpy.

Everybody has an ego, and they’re going to let the opposition know who the man is every single time they have a chance to do so, and that goes for both sides of the field.

Needless to say, other players particularly like talking trash to the biggest names in the game, especially if that big name also happens to love talking smack.

That was always the case with Cam Newton, whose talent was only topped by his ego, and who was going to put on a show after every big play, score, or even a first down.

Recently, during the latest edition of his 4th-And-1 Show, he was asked who was the biggest trash-talker he ever faced, and he didn’t hesitate to name Clay Matthews.

“I’m a FAAAST white boy” @ClayMatthews52 😂😂

— 4thand1show (@4thand1show) June 23, 2024

He told the story of how Matthews chased him around and told him that he was a fast white boy when they squared up in his rookie year, adding that he always had something to say whenever they met.

Matthews was one of the best pass-rushers in the game when he was in his prime, but Newton was never afraid of any challenge.

They both starred in a hilarious clip in which Newton praises him for watching film after Matthews made some adjustments at the line, but he still managed to get a first down after it.

Clay Matthews didn’t get to leave the league on his own terms, retiring after injuries and failing to find his way back to Green Bay.

At least, Newton and his opponents will never forget him.

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