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Bronny James Reveals His Favorite NBA Player

(Photo by Meg Oliphant/Getty Images)


The NBA Draft is nearly here.

Several prospects in this year’s draft could make a major difference in the NBA, depending on what team drafts them.

One of the most highly discussed and polarizing prospects leading up to the draft is Bronny James.

Bronny, of course, is the son of LeBron James, and his name carries a lot of weight, despite not putting up great numbers during his time at USC.

Despite his collegiate tape being suboptimal, there is still some optimism that Bronny can carry on the family legacy and turn into a great NBA player.

With this in mind, Bronny’s name has been mentioned a lot lately, and he has been interviewed several times.

He recently sat down with “The Score” for an interview, where he was asked about his favorite NBA player of all time.

After smiling and taking a moment, he responded with, “LeBron James.”

Bronny James FAVORITE player is….

(🎥: @nbafuturenow)

— theScore (@theScore) June 25, 2024

This answer was probably in Bronny’s best interest, considering his father seems to have a hand in most things that he does, especially as it relates to basketball.

His father is viewed as one of the best players in league history, giving Bronny some big shoes to fill when he gets to the league.

While it remains to be seen where he’ll end up, there is speculation that Bronny and his father will link up on the Los Angeles Lakers, which would fulfill a lifelong dream for this father-son duo.

Considering the NBA Draft is taking place over the next two days, fans will soon know how this saga plays out.

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