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Brian Windhorst Reveals The Biggest Challenge For JJ Redick, Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers have a new coach.

Some have high hopes for JJ Redick as a tactician, and he’s shown plenty of people around the league that he has what it takes to be a successful coach.

Nonetheless, there are standards for everything, and Lakers fans and Lakers-driven media always have championship aspirations for the team, even when they’re not realistic.

Also, his close relationship with LeBron James could also be a factor to consider when talking about this hire.

However, Brian Windhorst believes all that could be secondary.

Talking on ESPN’s Get Up, the renowned insider claimed that Redick’s biggest challenge will be to get this team in line defensively.

"If you're going to take [The Lakers] from seventh place to sixth or fourth, you gotta do that on the defensive end and that starts with JJ Redick."

—@WindhorstESPN on JJ Redick and the Lakers

— Get Up (@GetUpESPN) June 24, 2024

He pointed out the fact that the Lakers had the fourth-best defense to close out the season two years ago when they made it to the Western Conference Finals, but they plummeted all the way to 17th last season.

Windhorst argued that as much as it wasn’t sexy or exciting to talk about defensive rotations or adding defensive-oriented players to the roster, Redick would have to set the tone on that end of the floor from day one.

Redick chose a major challenge for his first coaching experience.

Not only do the Lakers not have a championship-caliber roster, but they also have a star with a history of power struggles with his coaches, and an owner that hasn’t been patient with coaches since Phil Jackson left.

That’s not exactly how to set up any coach for success.

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