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Brian Windhorst Is Tired Of One Narrative About Paul George

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Paul George was signed by the Philadelphia 76ers recently, a major move that had the entire NBA world talking about the Sixers’ future.

The addition of George could greatly assist Philadelphia’s chances but he also might not help them win a championship.

Speaking on “First Take,” Brian Windhorst said he is “tired” of the recurring idea that George “changes everything” for his teams.

He noted that over the last several years there have been multiple occasions when George made huge offseason headlines because of his career choices.

However, none of his decisions led to his team winning a title.

.@WindhorstESPN is "tired" of the idea that adding Paul George "changes everything" for a team 😯

"This is now the fourth time you could say he was a leading headline in the offseason. The previous three have led to what?"

— First Take (@FirstTake) July 4, 2024

Several years ago, George moved from the Indiana Pacers to the Oklahoma City Thunder, a massive summer action that got all NBA fans talking.

Shortly after that, there were more headlines about George as the Thunder fought hard to retain him in the offseason.

Then there came his departure from OKC to the Los Angeles Clippers, a jaw-dropping move that brought him and Kawhi Leonard to Los Angeles.

And most recently was George’s move to the Philadelphia 76ers.

Every time George moves or even thinks about moving, people across the league speculate about how he can lead his team to a championship.

He’s a supremely talented player but hasn’t yet delivered in the ways that fans had hoped.

Will his luck change with the Sixers, especially since he will be playing with Joel Embiid?

The team could definitely be formible but they also might not be ready to go all the way to a championship.

That means that once again the addition of George could help his new team, but perhaps not enough.


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