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Breece Hall Reveals Why He’s Looking Forward To Facing 49ers In Week 1

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Breece Hall and Brock Purdy are both stars, but their journey to the NFL was quite different.

Hall made it to the league as a second-round pick, and it didn’t take long before he established himself as a key contributor to the New York Jets’ offense and was considered to be one of the stars of the future.

Purdy, on the other hand, was literally the last pick of the NFL Draft, and while some thought of him as an afterthought, he continued to do his work and was fortunate enough to find his way to the football field.

Now, the former Iowa State stars are about to square off in the pros.

That’s why Hall recently admitted that he couldn’t wait for Week 1 to travel and face the San Francisco 49ers, as he just wanted to beat his former college roommate (via Coach Yac).

Jets RB Breece Hall, who is cousins with 49ers legend Roger Craig, talks about playing against San Francisco in week 1:

“Playing the 49ers, Brock [Purdy] was my roommate in college and everything.”

Breece was asked if he spoke to Brock since the schedule came out:

“Na, I…

— Coach Yac 🗣 (@Coach_Yac) June 15, 2024

Hall also revealed that he hadn’t talked to Purdy since the schedule was released.

He claimed that they were both overly competitive with each other, up to the point where they didn’t even talk to each other for the rest of the day after a game of Madden.

So, until the game is done with, he’s cutting off all communications with him.

That’s the beauty of sports, especially this league.

There are just so many storylines and players who’ve crossed paths with others at some point.

Now, it’ll be interesting to see who ends up getting bragging rights and whether they’re going to talk to each other after the game.

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