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Brad Stevens’ First Post On Instagram Is Going Viral

(Photo by Kyle Ross/Icon Sportswire)


The Boston Celtics made the right call when they hired Brad Stevens to be their coach.

He was a rising star in the college basketball scene, and he managed to keep this team competitive even when the roster wasn’t all that good.

Then, instead of letting him go after years of shortcomings in the playoffs, they doubled down on him and gave him the keys to the ignition, allowing him to serve in a different position while someone else coached the team.

Needless to say, it worked out like a charm for them, as they’re currently the reigning NBA champions.

That’s why the timing for Stevens to get on social media couldn’t have been better, and why he finally decided to open an Instagram account.

He had the ultimate flex by having his very first post be a picture of himself and his family hoisting the Larry O’Brien trophy, and it didn’t take long before that flick went viral online (Via Savage Sports).

Brad Stevens just joined Instagram and this was his first post 😂


— Savage (@SavageSports_) June 22, 2024

Stevens is obsessed with the game of basketball, and he’s the anchor of the Celtics’ young process.

He won the NBA championship last offseason when he added Kristaps Porzingis and especially Jrue Holiday.

Stevens didn’t hesitate to pull the plug on this project and make some big moves, such as parting ways with Marcus Smart.

He also doubled down on his commitment to Joe Mazzulla despite concerns about his youth and lack of experience.

This title was years in the making, and it has Brad Stevens’ fingerprints all over it.

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