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Bonzi Wells Warns Dan Hurley About Lakers Job

(Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Lakers are always expected to compete for an NBA championship.

Even if they don’t have a good enough roster, they will always be under a lot of pressure, not to mention all the fan and media scrutiny.

That’s why their coaching job isn’t for everybody.

As glamorous and prestigious as it may sound on paper, coaching the Lakers also comes with a huge toll and burden.

That’s why former NBA player Bonzi Wells advised Dan Hurley to think things through before making a decision about whether he’s going to coach the Lakers or not.

Talking to Rasheed Wallace on his new show, Wells claimed that the Lakers will always be expected to be one of the hottest teams in the league, adding that the coach will always be the scapegoat.

Would Dan Hurley be ready to transition from college to the pressure of winning for the Lakers?

It’s never as easy as it seems 💯

— Rasheed Wallace (@UnderdogSheed) June 9, 2024

He doesn’t know whether Hurley is ready for that level of stress.

Of course, it takes several adjustments to go from the collegiate scene to the pros.

Hurley is in charge of pretty much every single detail in his program, which won’t be the case in Los Angeles.

Also, the championship-or-bust expectations will always be there, even if they’re not realistic.

Even so, coach Hurley is a competitor first and foremost, and if he feels he’s ready to embrace that kind of challenge, so be it.

On top of that, the Lakers are reportedly set to offer him $100 million, and that’s not the kind of money one could simply walk away from.

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