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Antonio Pierce’s Wife Has Reportedly Filed For Bankruptcy

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Antonio Pierce won over the Las Vegas Raiders and their fans during his stint as the interim head coach last season, so much so that he was rewarded by being named the official head coach of the team for this upcoming season.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear to be all good in the Pierce camp, as some troubling news came out today about his personal life.

Sports law reporter Jason Morrin shared that Pierce’s wife, Jocelyn, has filed for bankruptcy and Antonio’s name has obviously been included in the mess due to him reportedly having invested in multiple car dealerships that defaulted on their loans, which altogether resulted in him being named as a guarantor of judgments worth over $28 million.

NEW: Jocelyn Pierce, wife of Raiders Coach Antonio Pierce, files for bankruptcy.

Per the filing, Mr. Pierce invested in car dealerships that defaulted on their loans. He was named as a guarantor of judgments = over $28M. Lenders now seek to satisfy judgments from marital assets.

— Jason Morrin (@Jason_Morrin) June 25, 2024

According to the report, Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation (holding a $23M judgment) and Hyundai Capital America ($4.5M judgment), recently attempted to garnish Mr. Pierce’s wages.

Pierce’s wife reportedly filed for bankruptcy on June 12th but claimed she did not sign any personal guarantee on the loans.

Both Nissan and Hyundai are seeking to satisfy the judgment via marital assets, and in the filing, Mrs. Pierce requested an extension to file more documents and get things resolved.

This is a tough situation that won’t go away immediately, and we still don’t know the details of Pierce’s coaching contract, but hopefully, he is being paid well to help get himself out of this situation.

This story likely won’t blow up or be a huge distraction on the field, but it’s yet another unfortunate offseason off-the-field incident for a franchise that has had far too many of them in recent years.

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