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Anthony Richardson Says Playing In The NFL Is Easier Than College

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The Indianapolis Colts found a true gem when they got Anthony Richardson.

Unfortunately for them, they couldn’t get a full glimpse of what he was capable of, as he was only able to play just four games during his rookie season.

Those four games, however, were quite encouraging about the future, and it seemed like all the doubts about his lack of experience were overhyped.

Richardson is now back to full strength and ready to get back on the field for his sophomore year.

And while he didn’t have that much experience as a rookie, he already thinks that it’s easier to play in the NFL than in college.

Talking on the Club 520 Podcast, the Colts young man shared that hot take (via Arye Pulli).

Colts QB Anthony Richardson on playing in the NFL vs playing in College:

“Playing in the NFL, I feel like, is easier than in college.”

(Via @club520podcast)

— Arye Pulli (@AryePulli) June 11, 2024

Per Richardson, players in college don’t always know what they’re doing, in the sense that they’re kind of nervous and can tend to make mistakes.

The NFL, on the other hand, is full of professionals who know what it takes to stay in the league, so they’ll all do their jobs.

Richardson felt like he had to do someone else’s job on top of his in college, which is not the case in the pros.

That’s not a usual way to look at things, but it does make sense in the bigger scheme of things.

Of course, NFL players might not be that impressed with that take, and they’ll make sure to show him just how tough life in the NFL can be for young players.

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