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Analyst Says Lakers Star Is A ‘Selfish Player’

(Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)


The Los Angeles Lakers will keep their best player for a little longer.

Earlier on Wednesday, the team and LeBron James agreed on a two-year, maximum contract extension worth $104 million.

The deal includes a player option for year two and a no-trade clause.

Of course, this puts an end to all the talk about James taking a pay cut to help the Lakers bring in another star.

With that in mind, sports analyst Craig Carton took a big shot at the four-time NBA champion, calling him a ‘selfish player.’

Breaking News: LeBron agrees to 2-year/ $104M max extension with Lakers… @craigcartonlive reacts:

"He's a selfish player and would never take a nickel less to make other guys wanna come to play for the Lakers."

— The Carton Show (@TheCartonShow) July 3, 2024

In the latest edition of his show, he claimed that he had predicted that James wouldn’t take a single penny less because he’s always been that way.

He also believes he’s going to opt out of his second year with the team and renegotiate his deal to get even more money just because that’s the way he is.

This could be true to some degree.

For starters, no player has an obligation to take less money, not even one who’s already a billionaire.

Other stars didn’t do it, so perhaps it would be unfair to criticize James for that.

Also, no big-name player seems to be even slightly interested in joining the Lakers right now, so there would be no point in taking a pay cut to begin with.

James has earned every single penny that has come his way.

And now that he realizes that he might not get another shot to win a ring if he stays with the Lakers, he might as well squeeze every dollar.

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