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Analyst Says 1 NBA Team Doesn’t Have An ‘Ideal Environment’ For Coach To Succeed

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The Los Angeles Lakers are reportedly on the verge of getting a new coach.

Reports state that they’re prepared to offer Dan Hurley eight years and something close to $100 million to make sure to lure him away from the University of Connecticut.

They’re reportedly quite high on him and believe he can build his program in the NBA.

Nonetheless, even though that might sound good on paper, NBA analyst Lance Medow believes he would be better off passing on this job.

Talking on Mad Dog Sports Radio, he argued that the Lakers might not have the best environment for him, arguing that they’ve had seven coaches in the past 13 seasons, and none of them has lasted more than three years.

"They have had seven coaches in the last 13 seasons… none of them have lasted more than three seasons."@LanceMedow says that the Lakers don't present the ideal environment for Dan Hurley to succeed in the NBA.

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— Mad Dog Sports Radio (@MadDogRadio) June 8, 2024

He also states that, unlike in college, Hurley won’t be in charge of all decisions and roster building, as GM Rob Pelinka will have to deal with that kind of stuff, not to mention the salary cap.

He argued that it shouldn’t be about money for Hurley at this point, as he only cares about winning.

So, even though the Lakers might still pay him if they fire him, he could be setting himself up for failure.

Truth be told, the Lakers’ coaching seat has always been one of the hottest in all of sports, and not even winning a championship is enough to appease the media or the fans.

Still, if coach Hurley is looking forward to a challenge, it’s hard to think of a bigger one than leading this team back to the mountaintop and, more importantly, for years to come.

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