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Analyst Names 3 NBA HCs That Will Enter Next Season On The Hot Seat

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Just four teams continue in the race to win the NBA championship.

Barring a major catastrophe, all four coaches still in contention shouldn’t be worried about their jobs, except maybe Joe Mazzulla.

And while some guys proved to be the right coach for their team and should get the benefit of the doubt for a little longer, others will enter the upcoming campaign on the hot seat.

According to former GM John Hollinger, Taylor Jenkins, Willie Green, and Chauncey Billups could all lose their jobs next season (via Legion Hoops).

Three head coaches will enter next season with their jobs on the hot seat, per @johnhollinger:

Chauncey Billups,
Taylor Jenkins,
and Willie Green.

— Legion Hoops (@LegionHoops) May 21, 2024

It doesn’t make that much sense for Jenkins.

He had the Memphis Grizzlies fighting hard despite being the team with more injuries than anyone else around the league, and while the results weren’t there, he found and developed some interesting and promising role players.

Green has taken the New Orleans Pelicans to a new level, and there’s only so much anybody can do when your two best players keep getting hurt.

Brandon Ingram is injury-prone, and Zion Williamson simply cannot be trusted to be on the floor when it matters the most, and that’s not on the coach.

As for Billups, it’s always hard to judge a coach of a rebuilding team, and the conversation should only focus on player development and whether he’s making his young guys better.

Even so, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Portland Trail Blazers, and NBA teams aren’t usually patient when it comes to losing seasons.

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